Rotor Riot

3.5" Rotor Riot Logo Patch

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Add Rotor Riot swag to all your clothes and backpacks with this awesome embroidered logo patch! Patch is 100% embroidered and has heat seal backing.


  • +100 coolness
  • +15 precision
  • +15 speed
  • +30 luck
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7 Reviews

Adolfo Rosado May 30th 2017

Rotot Riot Patch effects.

Awesome patch! Makes me feel like part of the team. Feeling the effects already 0_o

Justin Rutkauskas Apr 17th 2017

Better Handling/ Faster

This Patch eliminates the need for soft mounting your motors. I'm very happy that dealing with electrical tape under my motors is a thing of the past. In addition to looking great, using this patch has never resulted in a kiss fire. Can't say for sure that this patch won't cause some people to be butt hurt about YouTube content. Overall it's the best PID tuning device on the market.

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