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Adrenaline Series 220mAh 1S 50C LiPo Battery (for Inductrix FPV)

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Adrenaline Series 200mAh 1S 50C LiPo Battery (for Inductrix FPV)

Time to give your FPV Inductrix some Thunder Power treatment! These sweet little 1S LiPo's pack a big punch, with 50C discharge and 100C burst discharge! If you've flown Thunder Power's Adrenaline Series LiPo's before, you'll know that they have very little voltage sag and that they stay true to their ratings. Now you can have the same performance on your Inductrix to your advantage!

This is a perfect battery upgrade for the FPV Inductrix! More batteries means more flying time, and more flying time means more fun! So stock up on some batteries already! :D


  • Max Charge: 3C
  • Max Charge Current: .6A
  • Max Cont. Discharge: 50C
  • Max Cont. Current: 11A
  • Max Burst: 100C
  • Max Burst Current: 22A
  • Weight (g): 6
  • Dimensions (mm): 62x13x5


  • 1x 220mAh 1S 3.7 volt FPV Adrenaline 50C LiPo, Ultra Micro

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1 Review

KrakozFPV Jun 12th 2017

Adrenaline Series 220mAh 1S 50C LiPo Battery (for Inductrix FPV)

I purchased the Inductrix from here at Rotor Riot, and it came with a 200mah battery. I needed batteries immediately for obvious reasons so i purchased what was at the time the only available batteries i could find, 150mah versions. These were noticeably lacking in comparison to the 200mah OEM. That said, my inductrix became a little dusty because its never fun to only try to fly for 45 seconds. I noticed these batteries were for sale and available through you guys, so i bought four. Glad i did, because these are as noticeably better than the 200mah as they were of the 150mah. Now I am going to have to drop those 150s off at Best Buy. I recommend these as they put the fun back into flying the little drone and inspired my to attempt to fly around the quagmire that is our heating and ventilation at work. A+++

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