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Alien 5” FPV Camera Mount Replacement

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Alien 5” FPV Camera Mount Replacement

This is a replacement FPV camera mount kit for the RR5 Alien 5” Kit. Bad things can occasionally happen to our quads, so it’s good to have some extra parts lying around.

This handy kit comes with all the carbon pieces and hardware required to mount the HS1177 FPV camera on the RR5 Alien 5” Kit.


  • 2x FPV camera mount side plate (1.5mm Carbon, for 5” Alien)
  • 1x FPV camera mount back plate (1.5mm Carbon)
  • 2x nylon mounting brackets
  • 4x cap head steel bolts (2x8mm)
  • 2x cap head steel bolts (2.5x5mm)
  • 3x O-rings (2x1mm) 
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2 Reviews

Richard Koeppl Apr 14th 2017

Great camera mount

You know what they say, if your not crashing, you're not trying hard enough. I love this mount, and it's survived over a hundred crashed easy. And it's even better, since it's designed for the alien.

Victor Nov 7th 2016

Plastic parts on mount

Good product, installed it an after 1 crash that wasn't even head-on. The side screws sloped and the camera whent out of angle. Now it doesn't tighten properly and the camera vibrates.

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