Alien 5” LiPo Pad Replacement (Black)

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Alien 5” LiPo Pad Replacement

This is a replacement battery pad for the RR5 Alien 5” Kit. Bad things can occasionally happen to our quads, so it’s good to have some extra parts lying around.

The pad is designed to protect the battery from the protruding top plate screws and it has a high friction top side to keep the battery from shifting its position on your racing quad during flight. It comes with an adhesive on the other side - so you just have to peel off the backing paper and stick it in place on your quad. You could choose put this on other quads, although you might have to modify it to fit different top plates.


  • Material: a secret material between neoprene and rubber
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Stickiness: High
  • LiPo Friction: Pretty damn high
  • Color: Black


  • 1x LiPo Pad with adhesive back for RR5 Alien
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2 Reviews

Nathan Pennell May 31st 2017

This works flawlessly....

I am actually using this for a martion v2 frame and as much as it isnt a perfect fit it sops the battery ejecting in a hard crash 10/10

Richard Koeppl Apr 28th 2017


This battery pad is a slightly better than the red original only for the fact that it's black and more stealthy. Other than that, they work very well.

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