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Alien 5” LiPo Pad Replacement (Red)

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Alien 5” LiPo Pad Replacement

This is a replacement battery pad for the RR5 Alien 5” Kit. Bad things can occasionally happen to our quads, so it’s good to have some extra parts lying around.

The pad is designed to protect the battery from the protruding top plate screws and it has a high friction top side to keep the battery from shifting its position on your racing quad during flight. It comes with an adhesive on the other side - so you just have to peel off the backing paper and stick it in place on your quad. You could choose put this on other quads, although you might have to modify it to fit different top plates.


  • Material: a secret material between neoprene and rubber
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Stickiness: High
  • LiPo Friction: Pretty damn high
  • Color: Red


  • 1x LiPo Pad with adhesive back for RR5 Alien
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3 Reviews

Mar 9th 2017


The double-sided tape that holds it on to the frame sucks. It sticks to the frame real good but doesn't stick to the rubber. It keeps peeling up you have to keep a good eye on it.

Nov 23rd 2016

Not bad for the price

Fitment is spot on, and the rubber is decently grippy (feels like the same material as a good soft pencil eraser) but the adhesive on the back could be stronger. The edges like to peel up, even after carefully cleaning the top plate with isopropyl before installation. It would be nice if it covered more of the top plate, for those of us who mount lipos further back to balance out the weight of a camera. The rubber doesn't appear to compress much at all. Good for longevity of the pad, but doesn't contour to the surface of the battery like a foamier, neoprene pad would.

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