Impulse RC

Alien 5" Replacement Arms (Pair)

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If you're not crashing, you're not flying hard enough. 

Aliens are tough creatures and can withstand many crashes on their interstellar voyages - but the occasional high-speed encounters with pavement, concrete walls or light posts might put the carbon fiber arms out of commission. Fret not, for with these original replacements you can easily restore your Alien to flying condition.


  • 2x ImpulseRC 5" Alien Carbon Fiber Arms (4mm thick)
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8 Reviews

Adam D Nov 14th 2017


Fastest and easiest swap out even used them temporarily on my Butter quad

Jason hull Sep 23rd 2017

5" Impulse alien arms

I herd a smarta** make a comment calling the alien old tech, I had to laugh as this is the frame that changed the industry, and it's still is one of the top selling if not The top selling frame, I have four of them and fly the shi* out of them and have yet to break an arm, I've completly totaled a frame and even then the arms was used to rebuild another quad. My point is this set up is solid, the parts are well thought out, I have bought a chameleon and it's still in the baggie it came in for a very simple reason. IMPULSERC ROCKS and so dose the customer service period.

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