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Alien Butter Kwad Replacement Hardware Kit (Gold)

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Alien "Butter Kwad" Replacement Hardware Kit (Gold)

Ripped too hard and broke a few parts? Planning to do a rebuild and want it to look pretty? Purchased an Alien from ImpulseRC but don't like the stock purple hardware? We've got you covered.

This is the same hardware package that comes with the Alien “Butter Kwad” Kit. It includes all the necessary nuts and bolts to assemble the ImpulseRC Alien, including standoffs, o-rings, and press nuts. We even threw in a few extras in case you accidentally break or lose them.

NOTE: The gold standoffs are made of a softer material than the black standoffs. We chose to include both, so you can pick between max strength or max bling :) Comes with everything shown in the picture, detailed list below.


  • 9x  3x12mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 5x  3x10mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 5x  3mm blind nuts
  • 9x  3mm nylock nuts
  • 4x  3x6mm nylon standoffs
  • 5x  3x2mm o-ring
  • 2x  nylon camera bracket
  • 4x  2x8mm cap head steel bolt
  • 2x  2.5x5mm cap head steel bolt
  • 3x  2x1mm o-ring
  • 4x  5mm aluminum nylock
  • 16x 3x6mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 8x  35mm black aluminum standoff
  • 8x 35mm gold aluminum standoff
  • 9x  3x6mm button head aluminum bolt
  • 9x  3x6mm cap head aluminum bolt


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2 Reviews

Zaine Stapleton Aug 14th 2017

Good to have backups

This hobby can be tough. And it's good to have spares to work with. In the case of my Butter Kwad, that's good to have spares to work with. Especially hardware! That stuff is so small that if it does come off there is no way you're going to find that! Just get the full kit to work with. Kind of wish they had certain hardware individually as well so the entire kit didn't have to be purchased.

Ian Pataky Feb 22nd 2017

Butter Kwad hardware

If you want your Alien, whether it's 5" or 6", to look better than ever I highly recommend purchasing this Butter Kwad hardware kit. Not only does it make your Alien look better than ever but this hardware kit comes with a full extra set of standoffs. This comes in handy when your ripping through trees and concrete bandos and you happen to crash causing a bent or broken standoff.

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