Alien PDB Replacement (Black)

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This is a replacement black PDB for the RR5 Alien 5” and 6" Kits. Bad things can occasionally happen to our quads, and if you are extremely unlucky you might even break the PDB.

As simple as it looks, this PDB contains 4 ounces of copper - enough to supply even the most power hungry setups with enough amps to rip. This PDB assumes that you have a flight controller and FPV system that can take direct LiPo voltage, as that it doesn't come with a voltage filter or regulator for such purposes. 

The pads with the white dot are positive. Included is an XT-60 lead and the required press nuts that hold the PDB pressed against the rest of the Alien frame. 


  • 1x 4oz Copper - 2mm PCB
  • 1x Male XT-60 with 12g silicone cable
  • 8x M3 Press nut - Stainless Steel
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4 Reviews

Logan Ilczyszyn Sep 7th 2017


Same great quality as the original PDB, but black!

Ryan LBS Mar 13th 2017

Great pdb

Love the black was not a fan of the red pdb.

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