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Alien RR5 Replacement Hardware Kit (RED)

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Ripped too hard and broke a few parts? Planning to do a rebuild and want it to look pretty? Purchased an Alien from ImpulseRC but don't like the purple hardware? We've got you covered.

This is the same hardware package that comes with the Alien RR5 Kit. It includes all the necessary nuts and bolts to assemble the ImpulseRC Alien, including standoffs, o-rings, and press nuts. We even threw in a few extras in case you accidentally break or lose them. Comes with everything shown in the picture, detailed list below.


  • 9x  3x12mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 5x  3x10mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 5x  3mm blind nuts
  • 9x  3mm nylock nuts
  • 4x  3x6mm nylon standoffs
  • 5x  3x2mm o-ring
  • 2x  nylon camera bracket
  • 4x  2x8mm cap head steel bolt
  • 2x  2.5x5mm cap head steel bolt
  • 3x  2x1mm o-ring
  • 4x  5mm aluminum nylock
  • 16x 3x6mm cap head aluminum bolt
  • 8x  35mm black aluminum standoff
  • 9x  3x6mm button head aluminum bolt
  • 9x  3x6mm cap head aluminum bolt
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9 Reviews

WackFPV Aug 1st 2017

Super Duper Spare RR5 Parts!

Everything seems to be here. I just really wish there was different colors (not the butter kawd), and something stronger than aluminum (mainly cuz of Stingys new frame)!

bill nevins Jul 3rd 2017

good hardware

what can i say its a bunch of screws . they do break fairly easy in a decent crash but i would rather have the hardware break instead of the carbon. price is a bit high for aluminum hardware but not crazy.

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