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Antenna Tubes

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Receiver Antenna Protection Tubes

A pair of stiff plastic tubes to keep your delicate receiver antennas out of harm’s way. These have thick walls - they are not your average coffee stirrers. Use a heat gun to bend them into desired shape!


  • Length: ~ 5"
  • Color: Black


  • 2x Antenna Tubes (Black)

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2 Reviews

Jimmy Nature Aug 10th 2017

Dude, antenna tubes!

Don't pass up on these. These antenna tubes will save your quad from common issues with the antennas. Save yourself flight time and headaches by purchasing some antenna tubes. Dude, get some tubes now, trust!

Jonathan D- Teserax Jun 28th 2017

Wish I bought these

I was looking at these my last order, and decided to be cheap! Ahh I don't need to waste .99 on stupid antenna tubes! Yeah well I'm almost positive my crash today was cause by a chopped antenna. Ohh. Yeah I saved money alright; had to order new motors, and I'm haven't tested my fpv cam yet. Maybe the R.R could get le drib to make mounts for these, and it they would come with longer m3 machine screws.

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