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Anti-Vibration Standoffs

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Rubber Anti-Vibration Standoffs for Flight Controllers

Soft mounting is all the rage nowadays, and it's been proven that soft mounting can improve your quads performance, allowing you to tighten the tune with less oscillations!

By mounting your Flight Controller on a set of these rubber standoffs, you'll prevent vibrations from a less-than-perfect motor or an abused propeller from reaching the highly sensitive gyro on the flight controller. Less vibrations means that you don't need to use heavy filtering, and you can raise your P gain a bit more enabling a tighter, snappier tune! Get soft mounted today!


  • 4x Rubber Anti-Vibration Standoffs for Flight Controllers
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1 Review

OlManDuffy Aug 7th 2017

Stand Offs

Ok so the back story on these. Trojan actually called up to ask RR what l durometer (real word folks) of rubber was used to make these stand offs because they provide more support than a step-father! No joke, these stand offs are just what you need under the FC ladies and gents. Perfect balance between too stiff and Jello. They seriously work awesome. Hell if I could get upper management to support me like these things I'd be a happy employee! P.s. Boss, if you're reading this I'm referring to an old job of course! ;-)

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