Armattan Rooster 5" FPV Frame

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The Armattan Chameleon release back in December 2016 served as inspiration to many frame designers over the last year. The lower CG and the cage style protection for the FPV camera in a frontal impact has now been replicated in several similar applications in design. All of them with their own merits and downsides. 

The Armattan Rooster takes the Chameleon concept to a completely new level. Stronger materials, improved design and better provisions coupled with the ability to swap arms with ease. 

When we released the Chameleon, I felt that it would be really hard to top that. I remember asking the guys we work with "where to from here?" as I felt rather overwhelmed trying to make something even better than the Chameleon.  

This is part of the reason it took so long between the Chameleon release and a new flagship release. The longest hiatus in new releases since the inception of Armattan, in fact. 

Here comes the Rooster. Where to from here? Well, rest assured we have not taken our thinking caps off just yet. 

Very special thanks go out to Jason Hay.  Thank you so much, Jason. 

Happy flying! 

Chris Leroux
CEO, Armattan 


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2 Reviews

Michael Artemis Jan 12th 2018

Rooster Frame is Fantastic

Outstanding product and exceptional service from RR. Carbon and Titainium parts fit flawlessly. Armattan provides spare hardware which is first class. Keep up the excellent work.

QuadSquad Jan 11th 2018

Amazing frame!!!

Rotor Riot emailed me that the frame was in stock on Jan 6th. Purchased it within minutes, arrived on 8th, ripped on the 9th.

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