KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One

0 stars

KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One (AIO v2) Finally! The guys at Flyduino have made an All-in-one solution for your 3" and 4" quads! At only 11 grams, this nifty little board includes a fully featured...
Flyduino KISS 24A ESC

5 stars

Flyduino KISS 24a ESC v1.08+ The KISS 24a ESC is the latest evolution to come from the mind of Felix Niessen, who brought to the world of mini quads OneShot, regenerative braking, and a super...
Flyduino KISS Flight Controller

4 stars

Flyduino KISS Flight Controller The KISS FC was designed to simplify things for pilots who just want the important things in a Flight Controller. While other FC Firmwares are complicated and have a...