Charpu Tape

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While it might look like regular electrical tape, it's actually a specially formulated high performance aerodynamic wrap tape made just for quads. Not designed by Charpu, this tape wrap will make your quad fly amazing, by increasing your craft's slippage through the air and reducing drag!

Once your quad is fully wrapped, the tape will become the strongest part of the quad, making it fly amazing! 


  • Weight: about 12 grams
  • Width: 3/4"
  • Length: 12 feet, enough for 2 quads
  • Color: Charpu Black

As seen on Rotor Riot:

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3 Reviews

sergeantc Sep 7th 2017

Waiting for Charpu's Mix-Tape bundle

"Charpu Tape" does a fine job, but I hope he releases a new version that has Charpu gray-streaks in it bundled with "Charpu's Mix-Tape" If the rumors are correct, it will contain his favorite bluegrass flamenco dance-hymns!

Sasquatch FPV Aug 8th 2017

This tape also has no morals

This tape worked amazing, until I used it once and then it returned ITSELF to the rotor riot store. I argued with the tape that it was wrong to only let me use it once, but it told me: "Do you know how much that online store makes? I have no problem returning myself"

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