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Flyduino KISS 24A ESC
Flyduino KISS 24A ESC

5 stars

Flyduino KISS 24a ESC v1.08+ The KISS 24a ESC is the latest evolution to come from the mind of Felix Niessen, who brought to the world of mini quads OneShot, regenerative braking, and a super smooth, high resolution feel to flying. It continues the Keep...
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XSD 30A v2 ESC

4 stars

DYS XSD 30A BLHeli_S DShot Compatible ESC v2 Take advantage of the latest BLHeli_S development with these DShot capable ESC’s. At 7.5 grams, they can handle up to 5S voltage at 30A! The included plastic case protects the ESC against prop strikes...
Wraith 35A BLHeli_32 ESC

5 stars

The Wraith32 ESC comes with BLHeli_32 firmware - the latest update to the very popular BLHeli firmware for ESC’s. It marks the 3rd generation of an already great system, which aside from bringing marginal performance improvements to our quads, also...
Lumenier 30A BLHeli_S ESC

5 stars

Lumenier 30A 3-6S BLHeli_S DShot ESC Lumenier went the extra mile with these ESC’s. These little guys can make the best of the BLHeli_S firmware thanks to the slightly bigger QFN5x6 Mosfets, allowing for better cooling and power delivery. The...
RaceFlight Bolt 4-in-1 BLHeli_S ESC V2

0 stars

Built specifically to go hand in hand with the RaceFlight Revolt flight controller, the RaceFlight Bolt 4-in-1 ESC packs ungodly power into a tiny package! And now it comes with connectors, so you can quickly connect the FC and ESC without any soldering,...