Flyduino KISS 24A ESC


KISS 24a ESC v1.03

The KISS 24a ESC is the latest evolution to come from the mind of Felix Niessen, who brought to the world of mini quads OneShot, regenerative braking, and a super smooth, high resolution feel to flying. It continues the Keep It Super Simple design philosophy by not requiring constant FW updates or any parameters that need changing. The only variable is a solder jumper on the PCB which changes motor direction. All other parameters are done automatically by the FW which includes auto adaptive timing. OneShot125 and OneShot42 are supported.

The KISS 24a ESC was primarily designed for the 4s, 5 inch size mini quad and has been designed with bulletproof durability in mind. Over current and over temp protection ensures you will not be starting fires when you push things.  

Another very handy addition is the ability for the ESC to deliver various telemetry features back to the KISS Flight Controller which can in turn pass to an OSD or radio link telemetry such as the FRsky S.port and will allow data and warnings to be displayed on your Transmitter. Stats such as voltage, current draw, mah consumption, motor RPM and ESC temperature are possible.



  • Dimensions: 19 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 grams
  • Voltage: 2-5S LiPo capable (8.4 - 21v)
  • Max Current: 24A continuous without direct cooling
  • Telemetry capability (can send current, voltage and speed / RPM information to compatible devices such as the KISS FC)
  • Active Freewheeling and Regenerative braking
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 48Mhz
  • Overcurrent protection (measures the current and limits it to 30A) and fast reacting overtemperature protection reduces the power when exceeding 120° C (reduces the power, not simply shutting down the unit)
  • Advanced Auto Timing (3.25 to 30° are at each engine step readjusted, unique to the 32bit Kiss ESC line)
  • Max speed (450.000 eRpm, 64.000 rpm on a 14 pole Motor)
  • Fine speed control (about 950 steps, real resolution)
  • No external electrolytic capacitor necessary
  • Fast switching FET by the use of gate drivers
  • Dshot (150, 300, 600), Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25-500Hz) PWM is detected automatically. 
  • You will receive Version 1.03 or higher, can be updated through the KISS FC using the GUI



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Feb 6th 2017

Kiss esc

If you just just getting into the hobby Kiss esc are s great way to go, don't settle for less and the rotor riot team will take care of you with the right parts and gear

Feb 2nd 2017

Kiss 24a ESC

No instructions in the box, but Chad from RotorRiot has a good assembly video ( Under Alien Build ) This is my first drone build ever so nothing to compare it too, however it fly's just fine considering my lack of experience.

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