Flyduino KISS Flight Controller


Flyduino KISS Flight Controller

The KISS FC was designed to simplify things for pilots who just want the important things in a Flight Controller. While other FC Firmwares are complicated and have a million parameters to change, the KISS FC was intended to follow the Keep It Super Simple philosophy and remove all the unneccessary extras and clutter so the FW is a new beast from the ground up. Sporting a whole new PID controller and simple GUI with only one setup page, the KISS FC gets you in the air quickly and flies amazingly. 

Combining the KISS24a ESC allows you to use the telemetry from the ESC's and put voltage, current draw, mah consumption, motor RPM, and ESC temperature onto an OSD via the KISS OSD or through telemetry systems such as FRsky's S.Port so you can have various data and warnings on your Transmitter.

If you want to play with GPS, return to home, want to constantly change the color of your LED's each time you turn left or right or have it make you coffee, then the KISS FC is not for you. If you have a mini quad and want it to fly locked in and with confidence then the KISS FC is right for you.


  • Supports: PPM Sum, DSM2, DSMX, SBUS, ExBus, Graupner, SumD, SumO, PPM
  • Chips: STM32F303CCT6 + MPU6050
  • Weight: 4.6g
  • Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern, with 3.2mm holes (widely compatible)
  • Voltage: 2-6S


Please refer to the Flyduino website for any Manuals or further setup information.

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43 Reviews

Nathan Esterkyn Aug 14th 2017

It has an expiration date, like other fcs?

The Fc works great out of the box for several months, then It starts to oscillate. reflashing the firmware seems to help but every time I do it the FC needs to be reflashed sooner than before until I cannot stop the oscillations and just have to give up on it about a year later. This has happened on about 4 FCs and I think it has to do with crashes and the gyro even though I dont crash much.

chris love Aug 1st 2017

kiss fc

Very nice fc is very easy to set up and have owned 5 all of them still work and deliver great performance.

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