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The KISS FC was designed to simplify things for pilots who just want the important things in a Flight Controller. While other FC Firmwares are complicated and have a million parameters to change, the KISS FC was intended to follow the Keep It Super Simple philosophy and remove all the unneccessary extras and clutter so the FW is a new beast from the ground up. Sporting a whole new PID controller and simple GUI with only one setup page, the KISS FC gets you in the air quickly and flies amazingly. 

Combining the KISS24a ESC allows you to use the telemetry from the ESC's and put voltage, current draw, mah consumption, motor RPM, and ESC temperature onto an OSD via the KISS OSD or through telemetry systems such as FRsky's S.Port so you can have various data and warnings on your Transmitter.

If you want to play with GPS, return to home, want to constantly change the color of your LED's each time you turn left or right or have it make you coffee, then the KISS FC is not for you. If you have a mini quad and want it to fly locked in and with confidence then the KISS FC is right for you.


Supported copter types:

  • Tricopter
  • Quadcopter +/x
  • Hexacopter +/x

Supported RX types:

  • PPM Sum
  • Spektrum Sat. (serial / DSM2 & DSMX)
  • Futaba / Taranis SBUS
  • Jeti ExBus
  • Graupner SumD / SumO
  • MultiPlex
  • classic RX with single channel output


- STM32F303CCT6

- MPU6050


Weight: 4.6g

Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern, with 3.2mm holes (widely compatible)

Voltage: 2-6S


Please refer to the Flyduino website for any Manuals or further setup information.

Chrome App GUI Download 

Link to the KISS FC RCgroups forum


KISS FC & ESC FW Update (Tutorial Video)


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33 Reviews

Feb 2nd 2017

Kiss FC

My first drone build entering the hobby, Chads video helped a bunch. I'm unable to compare it to anyother products due to my lack of expierence in the hobby, However it assembled fine. I did have trouble holding down the button to Activate the chipsets and Flash the firmware. It fly's. checkout my Tube channel if you want to see what I did ( RabbiFPV S2017E05 ). ~Rabbi

Jan 23rd 2017

Kissfc > Betaflight

So heres the deal, I am a semi-noob when it comes to drones, but I have used betaflight based boards in the past (Vortex and Beebrain). With that being said, the Kissfc is by far easier to setup and use than anything I have experienced with Betaflight! Everything from updating the firmware, to tuning the quad was exceptionally easier. I spent a whole day trying to get my Betaflight drones in the air when I first bought them. However, with the Kissfc, I was able to update firmware, start with their default tune, and be in the air within an hour. I personally think find the Kissfc interface is more intuitive and reliable. There isn't really any guess work involved. Things just seem to work! For me that means more flying and less debugging. My one warning, which I think is applicable to all drone builds, is make sure you know how to solder and have access to an iron. There will be alot of soldering involved! Nothing seemed too over the top to me, but I am an Electrical Engineer, and soldering is like walking to me. Also, I did rip the power LED off the board tying to use a socket wrench to tighten the fasteners. So beware of your suroundings. There are alot of small smt parts on the board that can easily get knocked off. Buy this product and get in the air!

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