FrSky M7 Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal for Taranis Q X7

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FrSky Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal Upgrade for Taranis X9D and Taranis X9D Plus 
Upgrade your FrSky Taranis Q X7 Radio with these awesome Hall Effect Sensor gimbals! They feel a lot smoother than the stock gimbals, and will last a lot longer!
The Hall Effect sensor measures a magnetic field to determine the position of the stick. This allows them to be a lot smoother an much more accurate than traditional pots. Your Taranis Q X7 will feel like a top dollar, high end radio! And since there is no friction in a Hall Effect sensor, there is almost no wear. You won't be replacing these anytime soon!
These features make the M7 gimbals the top must-have upgrade for FrSky Taranis Q X7 users!
  • Metallic outer construction
  • Adjustable stick length
  • Adjustable stick tension
  • Selectable ratcheting on Y axis
  • Selectable self centering on X and Y axis
  • Plug and Play with Taranis Q X7
  • 4 Ball Bearings per gimbal
  • Requires disassembly of the Taranis Q X7 for installation, which exposes delicate circuitry. Please only do this modification if you have experience handling electronics.
  • Calibrate Sticks after installation.
  • 1x Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal for Taranis Q X7
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1 Review

Tim Middleton Nov 27th 2017

Great replacement for the stock gimbals

It is a simple job to remove the stock and put in these new replacements gimbals. There are several YouTube channels offering advice on that process. View a few of them and then it will all make perfect sense. The hall effect sensors will be a bit more reliable than mechanical wiper style hardware used in the stock gimbals. A dirty wiper from regular wear and tear could introduce noise into the signal over time, hall effect sensors do not have that issue. The new gimbals have a softer end stop and a more precise feel based on the slightly more attention to detail in manufacturing. I would say the stock gimbals okay and the new gimbals are at least 5 times better. It took me about 20 minutes to remove/install and another 10 to get my feel just right then calibrate. The feel of the gimbals construction are more solid and the tuning of the position and throw of the sticks are part of the install process. This tuning will help you learn a bit more about how you might feel customizing the way they will work for you. After you have completed the installation be sure to run the calibration of the new gimbals in your transmitter.

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