FrSky M7 Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal for Taranis Q X7

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FrSky Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal Upgrade for Taranis X9D and Taranis X9D Plus 
Upgrade your FrSky Taranis Q X7 Radio with these awesome Hall Effect Sensor gimbals! They feel a lot smoother than the stock gimbals, and will last a lot longer!
The Hall Effect sensor measures a magnetic field to determine the position of the stick. This allows them to be a lot smoother an much more accurate than traditional pots. Your Taranis Q X7 will feel like a top dollar, high end radio! And since there is no friction in a Hall Effect sensor, there is almost no wear. You won't be replacing these anytime soon!
These features make the M7 gimbals the top must-have upgrade for FrSky Taranis Q X7 users!
  • Metallic outer construction
  • Adjustable stick length
  • Adjustable stick tension
  • Selectable ratcheting on Y axis
  • Selectable self centering on X and Y axis
  • Plug and Play with Taranis Q X7
  • 4 Ball Bearings per gimbal
  • Requires disassembly of the Taranis Q X7 for installation, which exposes delicate circuitry. Please only do this modification if you have experience handling electronics.
  • Calibrate Sticks after installation.
  • 1x Hall Effect Sensor Gimbal for Taranis Q X7
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