FrSky R-XSR Receiver w/ S-BUS

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FrSky ultra mini receiver R-XSR is the evolution of FrSky full range XSR receiver. The R-XSR is a standalone receiver with all the functions of XSR, in addition, it’s almost 1/3 size and 1/3 weight of XSR receiver. Moreover, there redundancy function is integrated into this tiny receiver ensures the security, and the IPEX connector makes it more convenient for you to replace antennas.


  • SBUS Output
  • CPPM Output
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • Supports Redundancy Mode (Satellite)
  • Silicone Wires
  • Antennas with Connectors


  • Weight: 1.5 grams
  • Size: 16x11x5mm
  • Input Voltage: 4-10v
  • Amp Draw: 0.1A @5v
  • Range: Full Range (>1.5km)
  • Control Channels: 16
  • Telemetry: Yes
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2 Reviews

Stephen Clute Nov 24th 2017

Awesome and tiny!

Great little receiver for small builds, easy to replace antennas, plus telemetry. Only cons I can say are that the antennas are quite fragile and are unfortunately 1/5th wave. That said, I have had no performance or range issues with it installed in my new 3" build and am loving them so far!

J.Dahood Nov 2nd 2017

Perfect for saving space

I love this new RX it saves so much space, the antennas aren't a mile long, it also has a uninverted S.port signal pad for FC without a inverter. The bad: no one sells the antennas! here's 600 meters on this RX unfortunately I can't push this RX one antenna has damage, and the results would do no justice!

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