FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter

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FrSky Taranis X9D Plus TX w/ soft case (Mode 2)

Behold, the King of Transmitters!

With enough features for a 3 hour long infomercial, the Taranis takes a huuuuuuuge step forward and leaves the competition in the dust. And it does it at a fraction of the price of equivalent radios. But wait, there's more!

The Taranis X9D Plus is probably the most customizable transmitter in the galaxy. You can set up mixes, alarms, timers, vibration, notifications, countdowns, telemetry logs, scripts… you could even make it say “Daaaaaaaaaaaam!” every time you punch the throttle.

The telemetry function sends real-time data from your quad, like battery status and signal strength, right to your transmitter screen. It can also save this information to a log file for future examination. The LCD display has a nifty backlight that you can set to be blue or white or something in between.

If you're an FPV'er like us, you'll especially enjoy the futuristic voice capability of the X9D Plus. With the voice function enabled, you can receive spoken confirmation of your control inputs. Your radio will tell you if you're starting to fly out of range. You could get an audible countdown when your flight timer is near the end. Your radio can tell you the voltage of your flight pack at the flick of a switch. The voice is also customizable, so if you'd rather record your own audio packs or download a set from the internet, you can do so.

While the capabilities of the X9D Plus are nearly endless, there's a bit of a learning curve to mastering all it’s functions - fortunately there are plenty of guides and tutorials available to walk you through both basic setups and advanced functions. There's also a program available for download that makes setup a lot easier. Since the firmware is open source, you can even make your own adjustments to the code if that's your kind of thing. If there’s one radio that can do it all, it’s the Taranis X9D Plus. 


  • Mode 2
  • Channels: 16
  • Low latency (9ms)
  • OpenTx firmware
  • Haptic feedback (vibration)
  • Voice feedback
  • Backlit display
  • Adjustable screen color (blue-white)
  • RSSI alarm
  • Realtime data logging
  • 60 model memory (expandable)
  • Quad bearing gimbals
  • Screen resolution: 212x64 px
  • Input voltage: 6-15v (2-3s lipo)
  • Current draw: 260mA
  • Works with FrSky X, D, and V8-II receivers


  • Taranis X9D Plus ACCST 2.4GHz Transmitter (Mode 2)
  • FrSky X8R 2.4GHz Receiver
  • 1x 6-cell 2000mAh NiMH Transmitter Battery
  • wall charger for included battery
  • neck strap
  • soft case


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15 Reviews

Adam Apr 3rd 2017

Taranis X9D Plus TX

If this is what the best of the best use, why aren't you? After hours of research I chose this over all leading competitors based on reviews, how many upgrade tutorials were available, modularity, durability, range, compatibility... and a host of other reasons because I hate wasting money. I dont regret this purchase one bit. It works great with LiftOff and DRLSimulator (and other sims but at this time the others arent worth my time) and when I get in the field it feels nearly the same as my at home training. Aids in seamless transition from training wheels of the sim and then you are already using pro equipment to run your quad. One problem though... YOUR SHAKY, SWEATY FINGAS

Jon Mar 2nd 2017

Not sure

I'm new to this whole hobby, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I ordered this. The price was unbeatable compared to other online sources, but when I opened it up, it seemed as if it was already used. The soft foam inside the case had tears in it, and the monitor on the Taranis had a few scratches on it. When I turned it on, there were already profiles programmed into it. Now I'm not sure if that's how all of them come, but it kinda made me think that it was already used.

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