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Helix ZX5 FPV Racing Frame

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Helix ZX5 FPV Racing Frame

Simply put, the Helix ZX5 deserves an award for innovation in racing frame design. With a square motor layout and a custom designed ultra-compact core, it set new standards for FPV racing frames. In the hands of Australian pilot Thomas "BMSThomas" Bitmatta, the Helix has won both National and International races!

The frame structure is made from durable high quality carbon with chamfered edges. It uses aluminum hardware for most mounting points except the core which uses high tensile steel screws. A lot of thought has been put into the core of the frame - everything fits together nicely with minimal wasted space. The standard-size FPV camera is fully protected by the carbon side plates, the ESC’s are protected by injection molded plastic fairings and the rest of the electronics are out of harm’s way. The FPV antenna has been designed to take strain away from the SMA connector, and the receiver antennas are protected by stiff tubes that keep them out of the prop disc.

CUSTOM FLIGHT CONTROLLER One thing that sets the Helix apart from the competition is that it has a custom designed FC and VTx. The flight controller runs BetaFlight on a STM32 F3 chip, with a low noise MPU6000 Gyro. It is packed with features, among which are 6S capability, built in microphone, built in PDB, LED outputs, ultra-clean filtered outputs for FPV, Integrated OSD and more!

CUSTOM VIDEO TRANSMITTER The 40 channel video transmitter serves as a structural part of the Helix, holding the camera side plates in place. It’s built on a very thick circuit board to insure durability, and can provide a selectable output of 25, 200 and 500 mW of clean video transmission. Power and frequency are easily changeable through the OSD.

These are the component recommendations for this frame:

  • FPV camera - HS1177 (top connector) (Rotor Riot Swift 2 fits with slight reaming of side plates)

  • RC receiver - No larger than FrSky X4R-SB

  • FPV antenna - Lumenier Axii - SMA

  • Motors - 2204-2207 class motors to suit prop size (19x19 motor base)

  • ESCs - Aikon 30A or 30A+ ESC's smaller than 30mm x 15mm x 4.5mm


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3 Reviews

Kyle Griffiths Nov 5th 2017


Very nice, cuts through the air like nothing ive flown before. Handles well, broke and arm though, and since rotor riot doesnt sell replacements, im stuck waiting on the ausies to ship me some here in california. Hopefully the 30 dollar shipping selection will speed things up. Other than that, cant complain. Same old top knotch quality you get from impulserc as always. Love it.

Miguel Angel Oct 19th 2017

Buid vídeo and setup fc

When build vídeo and setup fc? -- From Rotor Riot: The video is now available in the description!

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