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HQ Durable 5X4.3X3 V1S PC Propeller

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HQ Durable Prop DP 5x4.3x3 V1S PC Propeller

These are the propellers that Steele uses on a daily basis! Put two green ones and two pink ones on your quad for the "watermelon effect"!

Scraggle proof propellers! These durable Poly Carbonate (PC) props can take a hell of a beating and keep on going like nothing happened! They are a tiny bit heavier than their glass nylon counterparts, but due to the improved V1S airfoil the losses in performance are minimal. And the stiff material lets you fly more and spend less time changing props!

The newly released variant with 4.3 pitch generates more thrust than its predecessor, making it a a good choice for motors which lack top end thrust.


  • Diameter: 5"
  • Pitch: 4.3"
  • Blades: 3
  • Material: Durable (polycarbonate)
  • Shaft: 5mm
  • Weight: 


  • 1x HQProp Durable DP 5x4.3x3 V1S PC CW
  • 1x HQProp Durable DP 5x4.3x3 V1S PC CCW
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3 Reviews

John Adams Jul 13th 2017


First off..I NEVER write product reviews bc I stay so busy I don't have time usually, but I had to make an exception for these props. I'm still pretty new to the fpv world but I've tried probably 10 other brands and styles of 5" props and these are without a doubt the best in every category. Absolutely love them, super durable, strong as an ox, and really fast. I've already ordered 5 sets and about to order at least 5 more after writing this review.

Luk Marter Jul 5th 2017


I ordered 10 sets of these props because I was convinced they will break but I haven't broken a single prop yet, they held up trough pretty hard crashes as well.

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