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HQ Durable 5x4.8x3 V1S PC Propeller

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These props are almost magical... and they work best when combined with the Hypetrain Freestyle 2306 2450kv Motors! Super smooth flying, they offer a very linear throttle response with powerful punch on the low end and plenty of top end thrust!

Scraggle proof propellers! These durable Poly Carbonate (PC) props can take a hell of a beating and keep on going like nothing happened! They are a tiny bit heavier than their glass nylon counterparts, but due to the improved V1S airfoil the losses in performance are minimal. And the stiff material lets you fly more and spend less time changing props!

The newly released variant with a steeper 4.8 pitch requires a bit more torque than the 4.3 and 4 versions, so it's a good idea to combine it with a 2306 stator. Note that the steeper pitch will increase power consumption slightly.


  • Diameter: 5"
  • Pitch: 4.8"
  • Blades: 3
  • Material: Durable (polycarbonate)
  • Shaft: 5mm
  • Weight: 


  • 2x HQProp Durable DP 5x4.8x3 V1S PC CW
  • 2x HQProp Durable DP 5x4.8x3 V1S PC CCW
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