HQ Prop

HQ Prop 5x4x3 Propeller (Red)


A pair of HQ 3 bladed propellers, with a 5mm center hub. (Includes one CW and one CCW)

This is the standard prop that Chad Nowak and Steele Davis fly regularly. 


  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CW
  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CCW
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35 Reviews

Derrick Leger Oct 3rd 2017


Great for freestyle but they are very very easy to break when flying hard!!! Really like these props, they're just fun!!!

Ramona Sep 21st 2017

Counterclockwise Conspiracy?

I only gave half the stars because half of the props break and only the counterclockwise seem to take the hit. Is there a reason for this? If someone else is having exactly the opposite problem I have a bunch of clockwise ones I can trade!

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