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HQ Prop 5x4x3 Propeller (Red)

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A pair of HQ 3 bladed propellers, with a 5mm center hub. (Includes one CW and one CCW)

This is the standard prop that Chad Nowak and Steele Davis fly regularly. 


  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CW
  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CCW
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34 Reviews

Ramona Sep 21st 2017

Counterclockwise Conspiracy?

I only gave half the stars because half of the props break and only the counterclockwise seem to take the hit. Is there a reason for this? If someone else is having exactly the opposite problem I have a bunch of clockwise ones I can trade!

Troy Aug 4th 2017

Great control with these props

Nice and light giving a quick response with a little give so you don't jump up and down when maintaining constant elevation. I love them for racing, my only complaint is you only get 2 per bag, lol.

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