HQ Prop

HQ Prop 5x4x3 Propeller (Yellow)


A pair of yellow HQ 3 bladed propellers, with a 5mm center hub. (Includes one CW and one CCW)

This is the standard prop that Chad Nowak and Steele Davis fly regularly. 


  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CW
  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CCW
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24 Reviews

Korey Oct 16th 2017

Break pretty easily

They are awesome but man they broke so easily unlike the v1s’s. Literally purchased 10 packs and have but only 1 full set left and they are on my kwad:(

Scott Marshall Oct 4th 2017

Crunch all you want, they'll make more!

Top efficiency with Hypetrains(thanks MTBQ), Great with Emax S class, Emax White S model, even generic 2300kv econocraps... Smooth and easy on batteries. I don't seem to break all that many, I'm not so sure they deserve the reputation that they are somewhat fragile. If you can pull the kill switch before the hit, odds are good they'll survive. They're not the props I put on for a punchout race (RK5051s or Butter Cutters there), or for 'Challenging' locations (Cyclones) but they are my go-to ramming around prop. Sure they're not as bulletproof as Cyclones, but for all around flying they fly better, and make me feel more 'in control' at least in my combo. (and for a buck a pop, if a few get broken, it's cheap flying) DO protect arm mounted ESCs, these props deflect when flown hard, which may be one of the reasons they are so smooth and forgiving. The upside is they usually don't hurt anything if they do hit, but leave marks in the tape over the ESCs, and you can hear them 'tick-tick' on occasion, this is probably because they are so flexible. You really can't lose with the HQs for most setups, they're right down the middle, and seem to work well on almost anything I've put them on. Buy em here, The price is right, and it's a group worth supporting. Mr Kapper has scored a 2nd major win with RR, he's created another unique organization that supports the hobby of flight. As before, super customer service is part of it. Fast shipment, products you can count on, and a place to turn if you have a problem. It sure beats a little white bag full of smashed parts from China in 2 weeks... (sorry for the length, I tend to run long.... hope the info is useful)

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