HQ Prop

HQ Prop 5x4x3 Propeller (Yellow)

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A pair of yellow HQ 3 bladed propellers, with a 5mm center hub. (Includes one CW and one CCW)

This is the standard prop that Chad Nowak and Steele Davis fly regularly. 


  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CW
  • 1x HQ 5x4x3 Glass Nylon Propeller CCW
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21 Reviews

jared Apr 3rd 2017

Boss A$$ props

i put these on my quad and it started sneaking out in the middle of the night and diving buildings. straight up fyyy fyyyyyy!!!

T. Swafford Mar 31st 2017

Sweet props

What a great saving and great looking props, installed these baby's on my vortex 250 Pro from rotor riot. Hadn't had the time to stop thinking where I'm going the fly this beast when I get off from work. The props hands great and I could not be more excited knowing if I broke one I got more and yes I purchased a pack of 10's. when I do get low on props I'll be purchasing more from rotor riot. They are well balanced perform great doing flight time and working on getting better with my fpv flying.

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