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Hypetrain + KISS Combo

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Get Hyped, and SAVE! If you’re looking to build a new quad, you can save some cash by purchasing our Hypetrain + KISS combo. This pack comes with a fully kitted power train - flight controller, ESC’s, Hypetrain motors, and some props! And it’s fully compatible with the latest versions of KISS firmware!

Designed from the ground up with constant input from our best pilots, the attention to detail of the Hypetrain Freestyle motor sets it apart from the competition. Inspired by the iconic Rotor Riot logo, the Hypetrain’s three-spoke 7075 aluminum bell showcases the elegant silver coated wire wound over the orange stator. It's certainly a work of art to behold! We have paired it with KISS hardware for that legendary freestyle feel that only KISS can provide.


  • 1x KISS FC
  • 4x KISS ESC
  • 4x Hypetrain Motors
  • 4x HQ Durable 5X4.3X3 V1S PC Propeller 

  • 1x Blue Silicone Wire 24 AWG (3 feet)
  • 1x Red Silicone Wire 24 AWG (3 feet)
  • 1x Yellow Silicone Wire 24 AWG (3 feet)
  • 1x Black Silicone Wire 24 AWG (3 feet)
  • 1x Black Silicone Wire 18 AWG (3 feet)
  • 1x Red Silicone Wire 18 AWG (3 feet)
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4 Reviews

Aaron Henry Jan 9th 2018

Only one gripe.

Great flight controller, will do everything I can not to use beta flight anymore. Most locked in, stable, and consistent flight I've had so far. Speed controls are super smooth. The motors are just as smooth and have plenty of torque. Pulling about 110A on a full battery punch out. But the screws on the motors are a joke imo. Had a bad motor bell, ordered a new replacement. Couldn't for the life of me get the screw out. Stripped out the screw from it being installed so tight or with too aggressive thread locker. Bad bell turned into a bad motor. I'd rather deal with losing a c clip every once and a while. As nice as they are i won't be buying any more until they lose the screws.

Michael Nagye Jan 9th 2018

Great product for price

I love the kiss hardware in fact it’s what I have on all my builds and as a beginner pilot on a budget this pack saves a little money

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