ImmersionRC 5.8GHz SpiroNET Mini Patch Antenna (RHCP)

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Improve your range and video quality with the tried and tested 8dBi Patch Antenna from ImmersionRC! With a durable hard case and excellent RF performance, this is the ideal antenna to use with the LaForge Diversity Module, along with a VAS Mad Mushroom Antenna for the Main LaForge Module. It's no wonder many professional pilots use this antenna!

With a beam width of 90 degrees both vertically and horizontally, you get great directionality without being too sensitive about the direction the antenna is pointing in. You can potentially double the FPV range of your quad by flying in the direction the antenna is pointing! It’s also circular polarized, which means it’s efficient at rejecting reflected RF which can cause interference. The antenna is also sealed in a plastic casing, which protects it from external damage, unlike other kinds of patch antennas that have a more delicate construction.


  • Width: 40 mm

  • Height: 40 mm

  • Depth: 21 mm

  • Weight: 7 grams

  • Connector: SMA

  • Polarization: Right Hand


  • 1x ImmersionRC SpiroNet 8dBi 5.8GHz RHCP Patch Antenna (SMA)

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