ImmersionRC Tramp TNR Wand Personal Edition

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ImmersionRC Tramp TNR Wand Personal Edition

The ImmersionRC's TNR Wand is an essential companion for programming TrampHV Video Transmitters quickly, accurately and easily via NFC technology. Forget about time consuming single-button video transmitter configuration, with the TNR Wand you can both check and adjust your settings in seconds, without even powering up your quad! It just doesn't get easier than that! No more guesswork counting blinks and cheat sheets to figure out what channel you're on. 

Don't forget to get a Rotor Riot sticker pack to trick out your TNR Wand with your favorite logo ;)


  • Change channel and band with a quick touch
  • Easily select the output power of the VTX
  • Runs on AAA Batteries!
  • Compatible with the TrampHV Video Transmitter
  • Works perfectly with the Vortex150!


  • 1x ImmersionRC TNR Wand Personal Edition

NOTE It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your government’s rules and regulations for RF devices. 

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