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Impulse RC Alien RR5 (Kit)


Alien RR5

5 inch Kit

Designed from deep inside the "skunkworks" at ImpulseRC, the Alien design has revolutionized the FPV mini-quad scene forever. After debuting at the 2015 Drone Nationals, the Alien design has become extremely popular and forced other manufacturers to re-think how a good kit should be designed. The "X frame" design gives the builder/pilot a very stiff and tough design, and the FPV camera mounting design allows you to set and forget the cam angle you desire which many other designs still have not worked out.

Thanks to the attention to detail the frame is not only very durable but also flies extremely balanced. The quality and fit is top notch. Selection of the carbon plate material was given high priority, and the result is a product that is a pleasure to build, fly and own. Those little extra touches really make a difference too, such as spare O-rings and other parts that can be lost easily as well as diamond files that help with the finishing of the carbon when building. 

While there are plenty of cheaper kits out there, the Alien represents quality and ingenuity wrapped up in a high quality, great flying package.  

2016 Drone Nationals Freestyle Champion
Chad Nowak - Alien 5" / KISS Electronics / Lumenier Motors


  • Dimensions: 225mm motor to motor diagonal
  • Designed to fit any 16x19mm 3mm motor mount pattern (2206 size motor recommended)
  • Arm proportions are a simple Pythagorean triple - 3:4:5
  • Dry weight of kit without electronics: 135g
  • Adjustable "set and forget" cam mount system (0-45 deg)
  • Arms protect motors in most crash situations from damage
  • Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo 1300mah 4s)
  • Designed for board cams such as the HS-1177 with included mounting hardware
  • Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, or GoPro Session)


  • 1x Bottom Plate - 2mm
  • 4x Arms - 4.0mm
  • 2x K-Mount camera side plates - 1.5mm
  • 1x HD Camera Top Plate - 1.5mm
  • 1x 4oz Copper 2mm PCB
  • 1x Aluminum Hardware Kit including misc accessories 
  • 1x Self Adhesive Lipo Pad
  • 1x XT60 with 12g Silicone wire
  • Red and Black 18g Silicone wire
  • Yellow, Black and Blue 24g Silicone wire
  • 3x Battery straps
  • 4x Foam landing pads
  • 1x round diamond file for carbon finishing
  • 1x flat diamond file for carbon finishing
  • 1x rapstrap
  • 6x zipties
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110 Reviews

Micro Nov 20th 2017

This particular frame is about to be flown.... in the snow.

I choose this frame do to its very solid construction, and its durability. The Canadian winters are unforgiving, and I plan to be just the same when I fly this unit.

Nathan Blair Nov 19th 2017

Not much of a reaponse

I got a response back about the camera. Basically they don't care. Just be aware that if you buy their camera for this frame you will either have to modify it yourself or buy a 20 kit. Even tho they state on the website the frame bracket is designed for that camera

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