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ImpulseRC Alien Butter Kwad (Kit)


ImpulseRC Alien “Butter Kwad” (Kit)


Smooth. Just like butter!


Multirotor technology has been advancing at an unbelievable rate. Not long ago, the go-to method to achieve smooth flight with a multirotor was to opt for a large frame design. With the development of faster and more capable flight controllers on the rise, the size of the multirotors available on the market is decreasing. But how small do they really need to be? We decided to take a step in the opposite direction to find out.


Good Quad, Better Quad, Butter Kwad!


We started with the ImpulseRC Alien 6” frame, a tried and true multirotor design that has made drone history. It has set a benchmark for other frame designs. Electronic components are nowadays much smaller than they were a year or two ago, so the extra space isn't needed. Therefore we switched out the frame body for the smaller Alien 5” body. This makes for a slightly smaller and lighter setup that can still run 6” props, while pushing heaps of power and speed! It also brings most of the mass (HD cam and battery) closer to the center of gravity. The longer arms increase the leverage each motor has on the quad, adding to the "very planted" feeling when flying! The end result of all these factors was a quad that flew so smooth that we dubbed it the Butter Kwad. Oh, and it's so quiet! It makes a great stealth quad if you cover up all the LEDs. Perfect for those #guerillafpv flights!


Butter isn't Purple or Red


The gentle yet powerful flying characteristics of the Butter Kwad are unique, so we had to give it it's own color scheme. After requesting several color samples from our hardware supplier, we settled on the obvious choice: buttery gold colored hardware. We think it's quite fitting!


If you don't buy the hype, try it yourself!


See Tommy fly his original Butter Kwad featured in the Ultimate Duga Dive episode here...




  • Dimensions: 265mm motor to motor diagonal
  • Designed to fit any 16x19mm 3mm motor mount pattern (2206 2000kv motor recommended)
  • Arm proportions are a simple Pythagorean triple - 3:4:5
  • Dry weight of kit without electronics: 130g
  • Adjustable "set and forget" camera mount system (0-45 deg)
  • Arms protect motors in most crash situations from damage
  • Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo 1300mah 4s)
  • Designed for board cams such as the HS-1177 with included mounting hardware
  • Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro Hero 4, RunCam, or GoPro Session)


  • Bottom Plate - 2mm
  • (4x) Arms - 4.0mm
  • (2x) K-Mount Camera Side Plates - 1.5mm
  • HD Camera Top Plate - 1.5mm
  • 4oz Copper 2mm PCB
  • Full Aluminum Hardware Kit Including Misc Accessories
  • (1x) Self Adhesive Lipo Pad
  • (1x) XT60 with 12g Silicone Wire
  • Black 18g Silicone Wire
  • Black 24g Silicone Wire
  • (3x) Battery Straps
  • (4x) Foam Landing Pads
  • (1x) Round and (1x) Flat Diamond File For Carbon Finishing
  • (1x) Rapstrap and (6x) Ziptie
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23 Reviews

Jeremy Dutton May 17th 2017

Butter Kwad

Just received Butter Kwad. Haven't been able to maiden it yet but the build quality is amazing. I am very happy with my purchasing experience with Rotor Riot and will be getting the Alien RR5 very soon. Also thanks for the sticker sheets.

Jimmy Nature May 16th 2017

Da Butta Kwad!

Expect nothing but professionalism and quality whenever you deal with Rotor Riot! Top quality products hands down and the Butter Kwad is no objection. Please don't sleep on this Kwad and add it to your collection as soon as you can, you won't regret it. I don't have anything betta' than my Butta'Kwad!

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