Inductrix FPV (BNF)

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Inductrix FPV (BNF)

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! And with it, tons of fun racing around your house with the new Inductrix FPV quadcopter.

Inspired by the TinyWhoop craze that took the quadcopter community by storm, the Inductrix now comes as an almost-ready-to-fly package. Just charge the batteries, bind the Inductrix to a Spektrum transmitter (or a DSM2/DSMX module in your preferred radio) and find the right channel in your goggles - and you’re ready to rip!

The tiny size of the Inductrix FPV turns your house into an epic flying spot. At little more than 3” x 3”, you’ll want to fly through every single gap you could possibly find in your house. Got friends? Invite them over and annoy them by buzzing around with your FPV Inductrix. The ducted fan design keeps it safe and fun for everyone. Unless you encounter someone’s hair. Then you’ll have some untangling to do.

All in all, this is the perfect choice to stay entertained when the weather outside isn’t good enough to fly. The weather inside is always good enough for an FPV Inductrix!


  • Size: 83mm x 83mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Channels: 4
  • Bright LED lights
  • FPV System preinstalled
  • Flight time: 2-3 minutes per battery
  • Battery: 150 - 200mAh 1S LiPo 25C
  • Fun rating: Too damn high!


  • Spektrum DSMX compatible transmitter
  • Compatible 5.8GHz FPV goggles or receiving monitor
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2 Reviews

Oct 21st 2016

Fun toy

I really liked this quad. It was easy to bind to my spektrum and once I did I was off and running. The motors did have a bit of a burn in period before they all work at the same time and flight was stable. I was surprised by the high quality camera that it comes with using my fatshark Dominator v3 goggles was fun. My kids like watching on my second monitor as I fly around outside now I get to chase the cats inside.

Oct 18th 2016

Fragility is a concern...

I love flying quads. I'm not the best pilot and sometimes the weather isn't cooperative. So practicing is a must, and the weather is perfect indoors, and having fun is the most important thing. The Inductrix FPV allows all of these things but it can be rather frustrating. Build crash repeat is a mantra to us pilots but it really takes some umph to break our carbon quads. These inductrix quads are too fragile to get a sense of value added out of them. I've broken two already. One was a vertical land when the battery reached nil and the other was when I clipped a wall doing an indoor track so to speak and it rolled to the ground and flipped. I wouldn't necessarily call these epic crashes, just the type of crashes you can expect to have goofing off indoors. The plastic arm that extends from the motor mount to the circular motor shield has sheered off with both quads. Now the props brush the shield and the whole thing wants to yaw on its own, or one of the props wants to eject all together. Unless you can guarantee to yourself that you will never crash and dial it back during flight, you may get your money's worth. But as a quad that is meant to be mischievous indoors and a goofy practice tool, it's far too fragile for my liking considering the cost.

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