KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One

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KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One (AIO v2)

Finally! The guys at Flyduino have made an All-in-one solution for your 3" and 4" quads! At only 11 grams, this nifty little board includes a fully featured KISS FC and 4 16A ESC's (which can go up to 21 A) making it ideal for mini FPV setups! All you need to do is solder the motors, power lead and receiver to the board, and you'll have a complete power train!

The setup is the same as with the standard KISS FC - just connect it to the GUI and you can update and set up everything. 


  • 1x Fully Featured KISS FC built in
  • 4x Fully Featured KISS 16A ESC's 
  • Active Current Limiter at 21A per ESC
  • Supports Sbus and Dshot
  • Supports Telemetry and Logging


  • Size: 35x42mm
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Voltage: 2-4 S
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1 Review

Brennan Sargent Oct 30th 2017


Got this sweet little unit to run my LOS quad. It performs far better than expected. No issues with amperage draw on my 6” frame with 5” tri props, 2205s. Setup with KISS’s new GUI and flash to DShot 600 was simple. When it says your firmware is out of date to use this GUI, just restart everything in bootloader mode, flash the firmware, and you’re golden. Wiring this puppy up is truly understated; it is the future of all in one FC and ESCs. It runs a 500g quad just fine. DShot 600 flashed in a sec, no BS with capacitor removement. Gotta love KISS. 10/10.

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