LaForge Diversity Module

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LaForge FPV is the ultimate upgrade for your FatShark goggles! Enjoy a cleaner video feed, more reliable connection, and extended range with these custom video receivers. Simplify your FPV frequency selection with the OLED display and band scanner on the Main Module, and double the reliability of your video feed by adding in the Diversity Module! The LaForge system is a must-have for anyone who takes FPV seriously. These awesome FatShark modules will change the way you FPV!

LaForge Diversity Module

The LaForge Diversity Module allows you to connect a secondary antenna on your goggles, effectively doubling the reliability of your FPV feed. We recommend that you use an omnidirectional antenna on the Main Module and a directional antenna on the Diversity Module. 

The Main Module is required to install the Diversity Module.

Comes with the molded covers to hold the modules in place!


  • Custom designed Diversity Receiver
  • SMA Antenna Connector
  • Status LED’s
  • Buzzer


Installing the LaForge Diversity Module is a DIY project. The cable that runs between the modules can be installed externally or internally. While an internal installation looks nice and clean, keep in mind that disassembling your goggles will void the warranty on them.

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3 Reviews

Adam Apr 3rd 2017

LaForge Diversity

along with the LaForge of course, this module is a must have. For real. Do you like flying behind things and not flying into the river back there? Do you like speeding through black forest pine trees like youre on a speeder bike? Do you like clarity of signal? Look no further -- as youre whipping past those pines youll hear a confident blip of connection as your second antenna (hopefully at least a Team Blask Sheep 5dbi) catches that lost signal until you get back in range or whatever. Sometimes I feel like a geiger counter is strapped to my head and someone is waving uranium at my face but my eyes always like what they see. I cant go back. You should definitely choose Diversity.

Eddie Mar 30th 2017

Diversity a must have!!

Thanks again I can't complain fast shipping great quality stuff I'm now flying diversity super stoked!!!

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