LaForge Main Module V3

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LaForge FPV is the ultimate upgrade for your FatShark goggles! Enjoy a cleaner video feed, more reliable connection, and extended range with these custom video receivers. Simplify your FPV frequency selection with the OLED display and band scanner on the Main Module, and double the reliability of your video feed by adding in the Diversity Module! The LaForge system is a must-have for anyone who takes FPV seriously. These awesome FatShark modules will change the way you FPV!

LaForge Main Module

The LaForge Main Module has a bright 128x64 OLED screen, that eliminates the button/pushing guesswork of finding a channel. It features a band scanner which allows you to find the cleanest channel to fly on, and the custom designed VRx has a dual filter to ensure that you get the cleanest signal possible even when flying with other pilots.

The LaForge Main Module works as a standalone receiver, but in order to unlock it’s full potential we recommend you install the LaForge Diversity Module!

Now ships with V3 firmware! This new firmware has improved switching quality, new features and a vastly improved UI! 

Comes with the molded covers to hold the modules in place!


  • Custom designed Main Receiver
  • SMA Antenna Connector
  • OLED 128x64 display
  • Status LED’s
  • 3 navigation buttons
  • IR emitter for LaForge VTx
  • Port for diversity module


  • Favorites Mode: Quickly switch between your favorite channels.
  • Manual Mode: Select exactly which channel you want to be on.
  • Band Scan Mode: Bar graph showing the entire 5.8Ghz spectrum.
  • Spectate Mode: Scan the 5.8Ghz spectrum for strong signals.
  • Screen Saver: Display current channel, call sign, and signal strength.
  • Settings Menu: Change channel order, call sign, calibrate RSSI, sounds, diversity settings, and VTx settings.
  • Quick Save: Press and hold the select button for 2 seconds to save all current settings for next boot cycle.
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6 Reviews

Adam Apr 3rd 2017

LaForge Main Module

I try to fly in as diverse environments as I can while testing and improving my skills as a quad pilot. Using FatShark Devastator HD3 goggles with no upgrades in comparison to after installing this module definitely feels lacking. initially I was using the 4 or 8 channel dipswitch raceband receiver (cant remember) and that was "okay." After I dropped in the LaForge module I had a lot less static and breakup... just retired the other one for emergency use. I love the cool look since now I appear to be a cyborg. I salivate over the massive amount of frequencies I can choose from and the automatic band scanner. I love how it saves favorites: I can choose one frequency in the middle of a granite canyon by favorite and drive into the mountains into the pine forest and get to the respective best channel there with the push of a favorite button. What more could you want? DOORS. The one caveat with these is that there are ZERO suitable doors for these modules that dont let light in or dont fit correctly. My solution was a lot of black electrical tape. ;)

Eddie Mar 30th 2017

Laforge is awesome

Products came fast in excellent condition thank you so much rotor riot!! I'm so happy

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