470uF Low ESR Capacitor

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Low ESR Capacitor

It's been proven that adding a capacitor to your quad's power system to the can drastically reduce electrical noise and improve performance. That's science - not hype! Try adding capacitor yourself! These capacitors are original Panasonic components that have been Low ESR rated, which makes them optimal for the delicate electronics we use in our FPV systems.

You can add the capacitor across the battery voltage (mind the polarity, or you'll be surprised with a loud POP). If you're running a high power system, it's advised to put a capacitor directly on the ESC. 


  • Capacitance: 470uF
  • Max Voltage: 35V
  • Model: EEU-FM1V471
  • Can Size: 10mm x 10mm x 20mm


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1 Review

Jon Alexander Oct 7th 2017

Low ESR Capacitor

These things are great! I put one on each of my KISS 24amp ESCs and all I can say is wow. They were pretty smooth before, but now it's a noticeable difference. My Chameleon with HypeTrains and Crossfire is Uber

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