Matek HUBOSD Eco H-Type

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Matek HUBOSD Eco H-Type

Need a compact PDB for your build? Want extra features like voltage regulators, OSD, and current sensor? Th Matek HUBOSD Eco H-Type might be the one to get! With a 2oz, 4 layer copper PCB, it can provide up to 35A to each ESC. The current sensor will measure up to 140 amps of current draw, and display it on the custom STOSD.

The PDB has two voltage regulators, outputting 5 volts for the flight controller and receiver, and filtered 12 volts for the video transmitter and camera. The PDB has these outputs distributed in convenient locations on the PDB - this makes it super simple to connect other components to the PDB. The package also comes with a regular capacitor and nylon mounting hardware!


  • Input voltage range: 8 - 21 volts

  • Regulated 5V at 2A output

  • Regulated 12V at 0.5A output

  • 140 amp Current Sensor

  • Built-in OSD

  • Video input and output pads

  • Mounting pattern: 30.5mm x 30.5mm

  • Size: 46mm x 36mm x 4mm

  • Weight: 8.5 grams


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2 Reviews

Gabe Dec 10th 2017

Works fine

On a kiss setup, with a 1000 ufl cap and i can see some lines when throttling hard but nothing too bad (using its OSD). Other than that it works well for what it is!

Andreas Oct 6th 2017

Best PDB around!

Very nice PDB

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