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MQC Fusion - Le Drib Edition

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Mini Quad Club MQC Fusion FPV Frame Kit - Le Drib Edition

Made in the United States!

Durability and Serviceability are the two biggest things Le Drib looks for in his quad components. And he keeps returning to the MQC Fusion as his favorite frame. So what makes the MQC Fusion great?

The MQC Fusion is Easy To Build

While building this frame, we realized that the guys at MQC put a lot of effort into the design process. Everything goes together nicely, and the build is quite straightforward - plenty of space for a comfortable build and no complicated assemblies that require three hands to put together. The receiver and video transmitter sit on a custom “CommDock” which protects them while keeping them easily accessible. And the super simple camera mount works perfect with our favorite camera!

Click Here to Watch the Build Video!

The MQC Fusion is Durable

Crashing is an everyday thing if you're a serious pilot. That’s why the Fusion is built like a tank, giving you that extra bit of confidence you need to attempt that crazy stunt you’ve been dreaming of. And if you miss that epic gap, odds are you will be able to get back in the air within minutes thanks to the beastly toughness of this frame.

All MQC frames are backed by a limited lifetime parts warranty* on all carbon parts!

The MQC Fusion is Easy To Repair

We won’t claim the Fusion is indestructible (if we do, someone will prove us wrong with a hydraulic press) but when it does break, it’s really easy to repair it. Removing the top plates gives you easy access to all the electronics, and it’s possible to replace arms without having to take the whole quad apart!

The MQC Fusion is a Great Flying Quad

Last but not least, the MQC Fusion is a great freestyle performer! If there's any doubt, we'll let Le Drib's video do the explaining:



  • Made in the United States!
  • Dimensions: 210mm motor to motor diagonal
  • Material: Durable 3K twill matte carbon fiber
  • Dry weight: 124 grams
  • Adjustable FPV camera mount
  • Versatile 3D printed components


  • 1x Top Plate
  • 1x Bottom Plate
  • 4x Arms
  • 2x FPV Camera Plates
  • 1x 3D Printed Locknut Holder
  • 1x 3D Printed CommDock
  • 1x Hardware Kit (screws, locknuts, standoffs)
  • 4x FC Rubber Isolators
  • 2x MQC Battery Straps
  • 2x Antenna Tubes


* MQC Warranty covers the carbon fiber frame pieces for the lifetime of the frame. During the airframes “lifetime”, MQC will replace any carbon fiber part in the kit if it is broken under normal flying conditions. Simply fill out this form to begin the claim process. Once approved, we will send you the replacement part(s) FREE (less shipping and handling) to get you back in the air. MQC reserves the right to limit the number of replacements if there are signs of abuse of the policy. When/if the airframe is discontinued, the warranty will no longer be valid. Offer void where prohibited. All rights reserved.

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7 Reviews

Thomas Jul 5th 2017

Good or Bad

This frame is either good or bad depending on what you want and what you care about. I started with a homemade wooden tri-copter when they were a thing, built cheapo quads and also some nicer stuff such as QAV-X, GT2 and currently running a couple of Chameleons. I've broken/destroyed them all in short order, but do have a list of what would make a good frame for me, and this was the closest I could get - no-nonsense, robust, easy to maintain/fix, doesn't need a bag full of bolts of different sizes and shapes, no special standoffs or custom machined metal parts. Some bad points, but not ones that put me off: the carbon is nice but machining, while not terrible, is the worst I've seen even compared to my Chinese frames. Burrs, slots not cut all the way through, sticky residue on each side, no rounded edges, carbon dust, not wrapped individually to avoid scratches but just with a rubber band in a pile. No nice extras such as battery pad, landing pads/skids. Not a big deal to finish the frame, just time and parts which I have on hand anyway. 3D printed commdock looks like a dogs dinner, worst quality 3D printing I've seen, but once installed looks cool and is very useful. Cost me more than a Chameleon and for such a basic frame with far fewer parts, and to import to the UK cost even more. Not the fastest or the lightest. Can't get spare arms currently as RR don't carry them and MQC don't send to the UK. As I said, these don't put me off because the roughness doesn't matter - I'm not going to frame it. The lack of fancy features doesn't matter - that's what I wanted, I only fly freestyle for fun and as Drew proves this holds its own in the air. When I listed all the little issues with my past frames, mainly around fragility or maintenance, this one addressed the issues, and that is why I don't have any regrets paying the somewhat high asking price. When this breaks I might just use the Fusion as a starting point to cut my ideal frame. So, it might be the best frame ever, or a poor investment, depending on your needs and desires.

iDad Jul 5th 2017

Solid as a mercedes-benz

I have been one of those cheap B@s... and buying the 18.00 frames from various places. I have been flying them for a couple years now and thought, it's just a frame, what difference could that make. Well, I decided to take the plunge and just see. I didn't want an Alien RR or any of the other "Fancy" frames so when RR started carrying the Drib MQC I was stoked. The difference in the frames and quality is AMAZING! Just a few simple examples; running my finger down the side of the Carbon Fiber showed the attention to detail to sand the sides and make them not leave CF in my finger. The way the frame fit together, very tight and snug made it less likely to move during flight and crashes (everyone crashes!). The longer screws for the plates and the stand offs are the perfect length to add rigidity to the frame. It seems a little heavier than others for some reason. I mean, isn't 4mm CF 4mm CF? NOPE - this stuff seems to be a lot more stocky and beefy. Where other frames use one or two screws to hold it in place - this has FOUR! The camera mounts into the camera mounts beautifully. Again, tight, snug, solid and rigid. Camera isn't moving from here unless you head on with something standing still (and you'll have more to worry about than the camera mounts at that point). One thing which would be NICE and that is it is NICE, would be the kewl knurled stand offs. One

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