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Mr Steele 5" Alien Frame Kit + KISS PDB OSD

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Mr Steele Edition Alien Frame

The 5” ImpulseRC Alien is definitely a classic. And now it's back, more refined than ever! The Mr Steele Edition Alien condenses our team pilot's pickiest preferences into an ultra premium kit with extra finishes - like pre-chamfered carbon edges, a custom designed PDB/OSD made especially for the KISS Flight Controller and KISS ESC's, and a sexy, all-black hardware kit!

Every piece of carbon now comes pre-chamfered from the factory - so you won’t have to work with the nasty carbon dust trying to get the edges smoothed out manually. And the revamped hardware kit now consists of super light anodized black 7075 aluminum, and stronger steel screws only where needed. A custom cut foam wedge is also included as this is Mr Steele’s preference for HD camera mounting.

The completely revamped PDB, made specifically to connect to the KISS FC with the provided cables, has a built in OSD that displays voltage, current and mAh consumed at the top of the screen. You can also adjust PID's, Rates, and other flight controller settings through the OSD, just with the sticks! The PDB also has a high quality microphone, and dual cascading regulators for an ultra clean video feed.


Frame Kit Contents

  • (4x) Chamfered Alien 5" Arms - 4mm CF

  • (1x) Chamfered Alien 5"  Main plate - 2mm CF

  • (1x) Chamfered Alien 5" Top Slot Plate - 1.5mm CF - REV 3

  • (1x) Alien 5"/6" Camera - 1.5mm CF

  • (2x) Alien 5" K-Mount - 1.5mm CF

  • (1x) Foam wedge for HD Camera with adhesive backing

  • (1x) Alien 5" LiPo pad - 3mm BLACK

  • (2x) Antenna Tubes

  • (1x) Flat diamond file

  • (1x) Round diamond file

  • (150mm) Foam strip with adhesive Backing

  • (1x) ImpulseRC medium LiPo battery strap!

PDB Kit Contents

  • (1x) Mr Steele Alien PDB for KISS with built in OSD and Mic

  • (1x) PDB insulator

  • (2x) 6 Pin JST-SH male to male jumpers

  • (1x) Genuine XT-60 with 12AWG Silicon wire

  • (20mm) Open cell foam with adhesive backing (for Mic)

  • (8x) M3 Press nuts - Stainless Steel

  • (1x) M3x6 Cap - High Tensile Steel

  • (1x) 1mm Spacer - Aluminium - Black

Hardware Kit Contents

  • (32x) M3x6mm Cap - 7075-T6 Aluminium - Black

  • (4x) M3x12mm Cap - 7075-T6 Aluminium - Black

  • (4x) M3 Lock Nut - 7075-T6 Aluminium - Black

  • (8x) M3 35mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black

  • (4x) M2x8mm Cap - Stainless Steel

  • (2x) M2.5x5mm Cap - Stainless Steel

  • (4x) M3x6mm Standoff - Nylon

  • (2x) Right Angle Connector - Nylon

  • (3x) 1.8x1mm O-ring

  • (8x) M3x10 Cap - High Tensile Steel

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7 Reviews

John Leonard Nov 21st 2017


3/4 PWM solder pads came off the PDB while soldering on low heat. I'm not the best soldererrerer in the world but I definitely know what I'm doing. Extremely disappointing.Was expecting something a bit more higher quality

Ben Nov 15th 2017

Customer serive is top notch

I received this frame not too long ago and put it together, I haven’t flown it yet but it seems very nice. It was missing 4 locknuts so I sent Rotor Riot an email and early the next morning Rotor Riot sent 4 locknuts out to me they didn’t even have to ask any questions, they just appalogized and said they were sending them to me.

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