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Mr Steele Alien PDB + Microphone + KISS OSD





Mr Steele Edition PDB + KISS OSD + Microphone For ImpulseRC Alien Frames

Mr Steele teamed up with the guys at ImpulseRC and Flyduino to develop a new PDB for the Alien. Steele knew what features he wanted - a PDB with a built in OSD and microphone - but it would have to simplify the build instead of making it more complex. 

The final result is nothing but exceptional. The PDB is made specifically to connect to the KISS FC with the provided cables - it just plugs right in. The ESC power and signal leads can be soldered to the PDB very cleanly with short lengths of wire, and the camera and VTx have their own dedicated solder pads with filtered voltage outputs with cascading regulators for higher efficiency and clean power output. Only the receiver needs to be soldered to the KISS FC. This simplifies building an Alien with KISS electronics a lot!

Steele likes to fly with a microphone on the quad. This allows him to hear the sound coming from the motors on his quad, which in turn lets him to detect any issues (like a failing or obstructed motor) just by hearing the change in the sound. However, not any microphone will work well. Most microphones that come with FPV systems suffer from severe audio clipping due to the loud wind noise, but the microphone on the Mr Steele PDB is a high quality electret microphone with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology. AGC dynamically adjusts the gain depending on the volume, so when you put the quad on the ground you can hear faint sounds like footsteps and voices, but when you are flying and doing full throttle punch outs the gain adjusts so that the audio doesn't clip horribly!

The OSD displays voltage, current and mAh consumed at the top of the screen. You can also adjust PID's, Rates, and other flight controller settings through the OSD, just with the sticks! 

Check out this video for instructions on how to use it and set it up :) 


  • Made for KISS FC + KISS ESC's: Simplifies Full KISS Builds! 
  • OSD with Current, mAh, and Voltage
  • Electret Microphone with AGC
  • Cascading Regulators for Ultra Clean 5v Output
  • 5 Volt Output for Camera
  • 5 Volt / Battery Voltage Output for VTX (selectable)


  • 1x Mr Steele Edition PDB + KISS OSD + Microphone
  • 1x Plastic Isolator Sheet
  • 2x Jumper Cables with Connectors
  • 8x Press Fit Nuts

Note: This product is designed specifically for the ImpulseRC Alien series of frames running KISS FC and KISS ESC's. 

Important! Always install the Plastic Isolator Sheet under the PDB! Failure to do this may cause short circuit through the carbon fiber.

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16 Reviews

FPV mØid Nov 22nd 2017

Really awesome so fast

I've been using one of these on my 5" Alien build and am very happy with it. My favorite feature, coming from a TBS Core PnP50, is the ability to modify the locations of the data on the screen. I am also able to only display the items I want to see. I realized that this is something I don't want to be without so I ordered a spare just to keep on hand should something happen to my forge first one. Really solid so far with zero problems!

Alex Kaiser Oct 10th 2017

Solid addition to any Alien

Never made an A/V cord again, solder pads for the camera are worth the money along the rest of it is just an amazing addition. The 5v BEC is very strong suppling more than expected current to a Hefty led setup (2-5amps easy depending on the color choice)

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