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Mr Steele Edition 2345kv Silk Motors

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Mr Steele Edition 2345kv Silk Motors

“Power, but not at the expense of your battery. Torque, but without sacrifice to smoothness. Hand wound, because we're proud of our trade. White, to show off how unique this motor is. The Mr.Steele motor by TBS!” - Team BlackSheep

After Drone Nationals 2015, MrSteele began the journey of creating a custom motor to suit his needs. After a lot of back and forth with multiple motor manufacturers and testing countless prototypes, MrSteele reached out to Raphael Pirker (Trappy) from Team BlackSheep who set up an experiment by making 40 different motors, each one with a slight difference in stator sizes, lamination thicknesses or winding material. This was done to get a better understanding on what makes a great motor great.

Most manufacturers say that “power and efficiency are two things you can’t have in the same motor”. But after 4 months of testing and many variations later, MrSteele and Trappy were able to create a motor that not only outperformed Mr.Steele’s previous favorite in terms of power, efficiency, and durability, but also felt much better in the air.

That is the purpose of MrSteele’s Silk 2345kv Motor - not to set a record in numbers or graphs, but to give the quad the best “feel” in the air that you can possibly get. Even though it’s intended to be used as a freestyle motor, it performs excellently in racing conditions as well.


  • Kv: 2345
  • Stator diameter: 23mm
  • Stator height: 6mm
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Color: Really white 


  • 1x TBS Mr Steele 2345kv motor
  • 4x Mounting screws M3x6.5
  • 1x Aluminum Low-Profile Prop nut
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2 Reviews

Feb 2nd 2017

Steele Silk Motors

These motors do everything they claim to do. They aren't amp-hungry thrust hoggers, but they perform excellently for fpv freestyle and some non-competitive racing. They are not super lightweight with hollow shafts or anything but they are simply great smooth powerful motors. On my setup, moving from emax red bottoms to these I notice A LOT less bottom end power. 15% on the throttle with these motors gives much more punch then the red bottoms, however, the top speed of the red bottoms are very similar or even the same as these Steele motors. Bottom line is, these motors are for Freestyle smooth flying, not for racing, so if that is what you are doing, buy these. You won't be disappointed.

Feb 1st 2017

Steele motors

Great product well manufactured.

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