Rotor Riot

Riot Lens (2.5mm)

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The Riot 2.5mm Lens is here! 

See the world like we do when flying FPV! The "GoPro type" Riot Lens will give you a clear picture with better colors, offering the widest angle without the distorting “fisheye” effect. This is the same lens that comes with our Rotor Riot RunCam Swift camera that so many people use and love! It's definitely a great upgrade for the 2.8mm lenses that come with many FPV cameras.

Some people have said "It's almost like cheating!" after trying this lens - and it fits most FPV cameras out there, so give it a try! We think you'll love it!

Caution: The Riot Lens will make your FPV drone look very pretty, which may lead you to admire your drone for extended periods of time.


  • It's a Rotor Riot 2.5mm branded "GoPro Type" Lens.
  • Larger FOV than a 2.8mm lens, less fish eye distortion than a 2.1 mm lens, it's the sweet spot between the two
  • Less distortion compared to similar 2.5mm lenses
  • Clearer picture, better colors in the FPV feed
  • 140º Field of View
  • 18mm front element diameter
  • 'It's almost like cheating!'
  • Perfect replacement for the Rotor Riot RunCam Swift Camera


  • 1x Riot Lens!
  • 1x Lens Cap
  • 1x Focus Lock Ring
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8 Reviews

Eric Hopper Jul 20th 2017


Great lens perfect fov for me and bright colors love this product! Bonus rotor riot logo around the rim and came with rotor riot stickers!

Beau Booth May 3rd 2017

Great lens

Wow! This lens is great. I can see colors vividly, and can see more with the wider field of view. Defiantly give you confidence for tricks. If I could go back, I would have bought it with the rotor Riot edition RunCam Swift.

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