Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

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Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

These are the same velcro straps that come with the RR5 Alien, now available for all your velcro fastening needs :)


  • Material: Same as all the other velcro straps, but with a Rotor Riot Logo!
  • Width: About (1.5cm)
  • Length: Long enough for a miniquad (21cm)
  • Has Rotor Riot Logo: Yes!
  • Velcro Stickiness: High
  • LiPo Holding capacity: Excellent when combined with the LiPo Pad
  • Color: Black, with a white Rotor Riot Logo


  • 3x Black Velcro Straps with Rotor Riot Logo
  • 10 Awesomeness points per strap
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12 Reviews

Scott Marshall Oct 5th 2017

They got these right

It's a simple job,keeping a battery in a miniquad pulling 10gs, bouncing off the ground and hitting trees, but not an easy one. I've got whole box of battery straps, all of which I've tried and gave up on, even some handmade ones. None of them all got the details right, some were close (and a lot more expensive than the RR straps), but let the battery shift, slide back and forth, didn't fit right or wouldn't hold tension. (I did have to add stops, even with these) Now I buy these to go in my quads. (the other ones now hold cables neat in my shop) They got all the details right, and they just plain work great.

Rotor Rebel Oct 4th 2017

Awsm straps but ....

Love these straps, only ones I can trim down to fit my micros without them frailing. I would love if they were just 4mm wider since i like to run just 1 strap on my standard size (5') rigs.

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