Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

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Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

These are the same velcro straps that come with the RR5 Alien, now available for all your velcro fastening needs :)


  • Material: Same as all the other velcro straps, but with a Rotor Riot Logo!
  • Width: About (1.5cm)
  • Length: Long enough for a miniquad (21cm)
  • Has Rotor Riot Logo: Yes!
  • Velcro Stickiness: High
  • LiPo Holding capacity: Excellent when combined with the LiPo Pad
  • Color: Black, with a white Rotor Riot Logo


  • 3x Black Velcro Straps with Rotor Riot Logo
  • 10 Awesomeness points per strap
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9 Reviews

Del Sutton Aug 10th 2017

Great Straps

Great straps with a good amount of hook to loop ratio. I use them for my battery and GoPro. Don't worry about the quality of this product it is fantastic!!!!

OlManDuffy Aug 7th 2017

Battery straps

These straps are so durable and they give just a slight stretch so the battery can be locked in tight! I'd use them as a seatbelt if they made them long enough! :-)

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