Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

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Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)

These are the same velcro straps that come with the RR5 Alien, now available for all your velcro fastening needs :)


  • Material: Same as all the other velcro straps, but with a Rotor Riot Logo!
  • Width: About (1.5cm)
  • Length: Long enough for a miniquad (21cm)
  • Has Rotor Riot Logo: Yes!
  • Velcro Stickiness: High
  • LiPo Holding capacity: Excellent when combined with the LiPo Pad
  • Color: Black, with a white Rotor Riot Logo


  • 3x Black Velcro Straps with Rotor Riot Logo
  • 10 Awesomeness points per strap
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7 Reviews

Steve May 17th 2017


These are the Best straps I have used on my 5" Alien! The hook and loop Velcro strength is exceptional. The length is PERFECT, not to shot, not to long, and the width is also spot on. I would say that I'm highly impressed but these came from the minds of Rotor Riot so, nuff said! Thanks.

AirMonkey May 1st 2017

Battery Straps

These are by far the best straps I found. The stock straps that came with my qwad were cheap and had light grip to the battery. These straps have zero slip even when not tightened. The logos are perfectly centered. Great job!!! Change the description, these are not like any strap out there they are way better and the logo is a plus.

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