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Rotor Riot Kwad Skidz

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KWAD SKIDZ are another awesome original product designed by Rotor Riot. Made from the same lightweight material as high performance quadcopter propellers, the Kwad Skidz enable you to slide across virtually any hard surface - opening up a whole new range of tricks! Slide across parking lots, pavement or tile, and under obstacles, vehicles or gaps. The hard plastic may very well be the best material for this application, giving it ideal sliding characteristics!

The Kwad Skidz are designed to be mounted on the underside of the motors, and they are held in place by the motor screws. This ensures they stay on (unlike the foam ones that tear off on occasion) and saves weight since extra mounting hardware is not needed. It even protects the motor screws from scratches! And not only that, but the Rotor Riot skulls make your quad look extra cool!

NOTE: Make sure the screws you use are the right length. The Kwad Skids add 1.5mm to the required screw length.


  • Material: Glassfiber Reinforced Nylon

  • Weight: 2.5 grams each

  • Supports 16x16, 16x19 and 19x19 mm motor bases
  • Slide factor: Over 9000!


  • 4x Kwad Skidz

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2 Reviews

Blake Sep 9th 2017

Product great, description terrible

Let me start off by saying the product gets 5 stars. The skids are great, it's the product description that's going to give you a ton of frustration. The description says "uses the same hardware that holds the motors in place" which isn't correct. There's a 99% chance you'll need a new set of screws to handle the extra height. It does mention that at the very bottom of the description, but most people aren't going to read that far or even notice after they have "uses the same hardware that holds the motors in place" in their head. Either raise the price to include a new set of correctly-sized screws, put the notice at the top of the description, bold the notice, or just remove that first statement from the description altogether.

OPIA Sep 8th 2017

These slippery little suckers are AWESOME!

Got a pair @ IO, and have been using them for about a month and these are tough. In the past month I have broke a few arms and @ least 4 of the other skids I was using and these still look pristine. Plus they slide "smooth as butter" compared to anything I have used in the past. Way better and in the long run cheaper than anything else I have used!

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