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Rotor Riot Logo Decal (9" diameter)


Rotor Riot bling for your ride.  Decal comes with 2 sided mask for easy placement.

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Mar 7th 2017

This is the best thing on my first car. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 06 4x4. I put it on my back window.

It would be nice if the rotor Riot sticker could be glow in the dark or reflective at night. You would just see a glow in the dark Riot skull.

Feb 8th 2017

Rotor Riot Logo Decal (9" diameter)

Hello all.. My experience with ordering was fast and my order came quickly. i was surprised they added some small stickers with the decal ! ( good bonus ) i will be ordering more with them in the future. I love the information and videos the put out. I am new the Hobby and still learning. Here is a link to my youtube. to see what i have learned from rotorriot !

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