Rotor Riot

Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard


Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard (Black)

Step up your game from sloppy sticks to stable tricks. The black Rotor Riot neck strap is wide at the back to distribute weight and narrow at the front to stay out of your way. The metal hook is easy to unclip, cause you want to rip quads, not fingertips.


  • Color: Black
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Hook: Metal, chrome
  • Awesomeness rating: Totally awesome
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17 Reviews

Brandon Apr 24th 2017

Great buy at a fair price.

This item has worked extremely well and is well designed. I use this every time I grab a transmitter at this point. Only thing that could have made it truly perfect and granted it 5

Lloyd Tribley Mar 30th 2017

Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard (Black)

What I liked: 1) EXCELLENT value. 2) Transition of strap from narrow to wide helps reduce interference. 3) Larger, circular clip is easier to attach, allows transmitter to move without restrictions. 4) Branding and printing quality is excellent. Offer Rotor Riot Advanced Strap System: 1) Thicker fabric, equivalent to professional camera's, scientific instruments, and mountaineering straps. 2) Non-slip neck pad. 3) Accessory chest harness to help stabilize transmitter; particularly needed for pinchers. 4) Replace metal clip with one equivalent to top level backpacking, mountaineering equipment. 5) Colorize the graphics or strap, and/or offer some new "bold" color options. Nice for us who dip, decal, or paint our units in wild and crazy designs and matches more with the quad community (subjective). Aesthetics are conservative. 6) I would pay more for a "system" particularly focused on pinchers. Other: Offer more accessories to customize the Taranis such as sticks, stands, color washers, etc. Many are difficult to find, and most must be purchased from China or Hong Kong. My comments are not meant to take away from this strap. It is an excellent value and you should not hesitate to buy. The strap and clip design helps make managing the transmitter easier to use.

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