Rotor Riot

Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard

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Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard (Black)

Step up your game from sloppy sticks to stable tricks. The black Rotor Riot neck strap is wide at the back to distribute weight and narrow at the front to stay out of your way. The metal hook is easy to unclip, cause you want to rip quads, not fingertips.


  • Color: Black
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Hook: Metal, chrome
  • Awesomeness rating: Totally awesome
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24 Reviews

Tyler Sadler Dec 11th 2017

Good Quality - But Missing A Piece

Good quality. I really like it. The bottom plastic piece that holds the two sides of the lanyard together was missing on mine though... But still seems to be good quality and I am still using it without the missing piece. If it was with it it would definitely be a 5-star item.

Mr. Crash Dec 4th 2017

Cant keep the women off me

I used to live with my parents in the basement and play WOW 24 hours a day. I bought this lanyard and I am now a millionaire with a harem of supermodel wives. I crush every competitor at the races and cops escort me everywhere I go. The logo on it is banned in 12 countries for its creative awesomeness and the snap is strong enough to pull a birthing calf from the uterus. The strap is strong enough to pull your moms Subaru out of the mud and it has the bling power make you a rapper superstar. Well worth the couple bucks.

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