Rotor Riot

Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard


Rotor Riot Transmitter Lanyard (Black)

Step up your game from sloppy sticks to stable tricks. The black Rotor Riot neck strap is wide at the back to distribute weight and narrow at the front to stay out of your way. The metal hook is easy to unclip, cause you want to rip quads, not fingertips.


  • Color: Black
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Hook: Metal, chrome
  • Awesomeness rating: Totally awesome
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21 Reviews

Zak Borg Aug 3rd 2017

perfect lanyard

The strap is just like any other high quality strap - with the wider neck and narrow ends - it is the hardware that makes this strap great, the open circle clip is my favorite way to hold the radio bar... all other clips seem to get hung up or are hard to clip every time- these are the ones I like. Of course the logo shows you care about quality gear... As long as it has TBS or Rotor Riot on it, you know it is not just good but the best!

Dave Aug 3rd 2017

Function and style!

It does what it's supposed to while looking damn good doing it! Comfort second to none!

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