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Taranis X9D Grip Tape by Rotor Riot

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Get a Grip! Sweaty hands can turn an intense racing session or intense proximity flight into a thumb fumble and potential crash/loss. Don’t let that happen, get a better grip now!

Designed and tested by Rotor Riot pilots especially for the Taranis X9D, these laser cut pieces of high quality skateboard grip tape stick right onto your transmitter in minutes, instantly improving hand comfort and thumb control for when you need it the most! Created with both Thumbers and Pinchers in mind, the Taranis X9D Grip Tape by Rotor Riot suits a wide range of transmitter holding preferences. We’ve even included a few extra shapes for extended customizability! Each piece is precision laser cut from High quality Original Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape.

The photos show just one way to apply the grip tape. It's up to you to follow the suggested locations, or create your own layout according to the way you hold your transmitter!


  • 14x Pieces of High Quality Laser Cut Grip Tape for Taranis X9D / X9D Plus

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3 Reviews

Mr. Crash Dec 4th 2017

It will score you tons of tail.

No more dropped radios. This has to be the single best purchase I have made for a measly 7 bucks. I wish there were more options for more radios. My Taranis now sticks to me like a vegas hooker but without the STD's. Even on the hot and sweaty days, you will have enough grip to crush your radio case like the hulk. I am pretty sure this grip tape kit will score you some crazy tail from all the rotor groupies at the races. Be warned, you will like it.

Gabriel Oct 23rd 2017

Grip it and rip it!

Love the extra grip! Nice high quality skateboard grip tape that provides a nice non-slip surface. Looks nice too!

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