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Brought to you by the fine folks at Team BlackSheep, the CORE PNP50 is a nifty hub that keeps the wiring on your quad clean and simple. It’s a current sensor, LC filter, voltage regulator, OSD, microphone and reverse polarity protection circuit, all-in-one plug and play package that only weighs 34 grams!

The PNP 50 serves as a hub for the video and power system on your quad. It can take any voltage input (2S up to 10s) and step it down, filtering it to a constant and clean 5 volts (or 12 volts, depending on preference) for your FPV camera and transmitter, thus eliminating problems caused by an unfiltered power supply. While it’s at it, it’ll measure the power consumption of your system and overlay it on your video feed, displaying voltage, current (amp draw), mAh’s used, a timer, and your signal strength on your FPV feed.

Some pilots will find the built-in microphone very useful - the microphone will let you hear the “wheeeeee” sound coming from your motors while you’re flying, so that you can judge the condition of your propellers and motors in flight and hear if something starts to fail in the air (bad motors or props sound more like “whrrrrrr”).



-plastic enclosure

-integrated current sensor

-integrated RSSI sensor

-integrated voltage sensor

-onboard microphone

-5v @2A or 12v @0.6A for VTx and camera

-reverse polarity protection

-low ripple and low RF noise

-switching regulator



-weight: 34 grams

-weight without cables: 12 grams

-size: 42x27mm

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14 Reviews

Oct 5th 2016

rotor riot 5 star service

have just received this and not wired yet , looks like I ordered the last one! am in London UK and could not find a local online supplier of these so ordered abroad. Rotor Riot store order info and service immaculate, was sadly let down by UK's royal mail ill-informed postal service and a £18 customs fee - dont use USPS for uk deliveries see this other than that , package arrived and with sticker pack - splendid!

Sep 27th 2016

Great product.

It is a great product and does exactly what you expect it to do. One bit of advice though, it doesn't come with a manual or diagram to show you how to wire it. However I noticed that if you take the cover off the PNP50 it has the inputs and outputs written directly on the PCB, that way you can check that all the camera/VTX wires are in the correct order before you accidentally fry something.

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