TBS Triumph Stub Antenna Set

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TBS Triumph Stub Antenna Set

Same performance, smaller size! This new variation of the popular TBS Triumph antennas is great for smaller FPV quadcopters!

Brought into this world by the long range masters at Team BlackSheep and the genius behind Video Aerial Systems LLC, the new TBS Triumph antenna sets a new performance standard for circular polarized antennas. Countless hours of engineering and designing, and hundreds of exhaustive test sessions have refined the Triumph antenna from a good idea into an excellent product.

Thanks to the new design, the TBS Triumph provides video signal as clean as a new quad with plenty of range regardless of whether you’re flying your quad over or under trees. And in case you happen to fly into a tree, the antennas have several layers of protection - inside the protective case the antenna elements are fixed in special foam and connected to the video transmitter through a heavy duty double jacket cable that is capable of taking most abuse without damage.

Overall this is a great antenna for bashing around in the park as well as for racing with your friends!  


  • Weight: ~8-10g
  • Height: 50mm
  • Frequency range: 5500-6000MHz
  • Polarization: RCHP
  • Gain: 1.26dbic
  • Axial ratio: 0.74
  • Cable: RG402 (heavy duty)
  • Connector: SMA


  • 2x TBS Triumph Stub antennas
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