TBS Unify Pro HV Race Edition (SMA)

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TBS Unify Pro HV 5.8GHz Race Edition Video Transmitter (SMA)

This little video transmitter is not only tiny, but also packs a punch!  Thanks to it's simplicity and reliability, it's the VTx of choice for many pilots. The variable power output also makes it great for racing, since you can select whatever power level the race organizers determine as a limit. Technologies like PitMode and CleanSwitch make it even more race-friendly.

This is the HV (High Voltage) and Race Edition, which has built in filtering and power regulation, and provides a maximum of 200mW of clean output power. It can provide 5v @500mA for your FPV camera should you need it. You can also connect it straight to your battery! And thanks to the attached SMA connector it will work seamlessly with the SMA type TBS Triumph antennas available in our store. 


  • Operating voltage: 2-6s capable 8-25v
  • Current draw: 25mW: 250mA, 200mW: 320mA
  • Max output power: ~200mW
  • Operating frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Channels: 40, multiple bands*
  • Weight: 7g (excluding antenna)
  • Antenna connector: SMA with mounting holes
  • Video format: NTSC/PAL
  • Output power: 13dBm (25mW), 23dBm (200mW)


  • 1x Unify Pro HV Video Transmitter
  • 1x Power/Camera Cable

*HAM license is required for operation on HAM channels! The VTx ships with only legal channels enabled, please consult the manual on unlocking procedure.


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2 Reviews

Jimmy Ramsey Apr 21st 2017

Good Video for the money

Works great and very easy to set up.

AL M. Nobello Jr. Mar 8th 2017

Unify Pro HV Race Edition (SMA)

Great quality! You can always count on TBS! This is a race version so it is not packed with any features but it gets the job done very well! I like that i can hook it directly to my battery voltage and it comes with a built in 5 volt filtered supply as well! Perfect!

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