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The 6" Smooth Power Pack

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Rotor Riot 6” Smooth Power Pack

(for frames that run 6” props)

New to the hobby? The wide range of miniquad parts available can easily become overwhelming, making it hard to choose “the best” combination of components for your build. We made it simple! Go with what the pro’s would use, and save a few bucks in the process!

This bundle comes with our team pilots preferred combination of parts to give your 6” frame of choice the smoothest flight characteristics imaginable. It’s the Rotor Riot recommended setup for the RR Alien Butter Quad Kit.

With the purchase of this bundle you'll save $30.00 compared to buying the same parts separately! 

The bundle includes:

  • 4x Lumenier RX2206 2000kv
  • 4x KISS 24A ESC (v1.02)
  • 1x KISS Flight Controller
  • 1x Silicone Wire Kit
  • 4x HQ 6045 Props (2x pairs)

NOTE: To complete a quadcopter build you will need a compatible receiver, as well as an FPV system. Depending on your choice of frame you might also need a Power Distribution Board (the Rotor Riot Alien Kits come with a built in PDB).

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2 Reviews

Rodney Mar 28th 2017

Smooth Power pack

It is just as it says. The props are the best ones out there for this combination. Perfectly matched set of componets! Well worth the price.

Brandon Mar 11th 2017


This is a great little kit of hardware. The motors are very quiet, and operate very smoothly and uniformly. The ESC's and FC are a match made in heaven, and after tuning the pids and rates up from stick, this quad is a rocket. There's a reason many of the top pilots are flying KISS and Lumenier...they rock!

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